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Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Repair or Replacement (1)

Water heater

Tucked away in the basement or a closet, water heaters are seldom thought of until they stop working or, even worse, start leaking. Before extensive water damage occurs, check for the telltale signs that your water heater needs repair or replacement.

Fortunately, water heaters exhibit common symptoms for aging or malfunctioning that any layperson can identify. Sometimes, a repair is sufficient enough to provide the water heater with a few more years of use. Be prepared, however, because water heaters do need replacement at least once a decade.

Signs for Repair

  • Your water no longer runs hot.
  • The tank drains slowly or almost not at all.

In either case, a professional plumber can assess whether your water heater needs repair by replacing a part instead of the whole system.

Signs for Replacement

The water heater has lasted past its life expectancy.

  • The water heater is too small.
  • Hot tap water contains rust while cold water does not.
  • The tank shows corrosion on the outside.
  • The tank leaks.

Water heaters should be updated to meet new efficiency standards or hot water consumption increases. Over time, water heaters do suffer irreparable damage, and replacement is the only solution.

Just like with the doctor, make a list to share with the plumber of the identified signs that your water heater needs repair or possible replacement. If you are in South Carolina and need water heater replacement, contact Aero Plumbing today.

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